Thursday, January 17, 2008

DIY Back Loaded Horn Speakers / BLH - Fostex FE206E in a Dallas III Cabinet Update 02

I asked Ronc if the radiused corners of the Dallas III would have a detrimental effect on the sound compared to the angular Dallas II designs. Ronc had this to say:

"Nope! just a gain in efficency because there is less turbulance in the wavefront as it traveles. Down side is a slight increase in mids coming thru the mouth. However the actual horn action begins a slow roll off at 247 hz and ends at around 400 hz. From there the baffle action takes over (overlaps with the horn roll off) and as the frequency increases finally hands off to the driver. The absolute lowest frequencies are a TL action which blend into the lowest horn action at around 120 hz. The higher frequency TL ripples are then blended with the horn action. This results in a smoother mid bass."

So I am really glad that the desicion I made, which were originally based on aesthetics, did not result in an inferior sounding speaker. Especially considering all the effort that has gone into the build.

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